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Gallery: Mythos
Frame: metal over glass
Year: 1984
Media: ink and watercolor on archival paper
The images in this work are not intended to literally reflect religious ideology. Rather, they are visual metaphors for the repression of creativity in the name of political correctness in a society which fears controversy in the arts. At issue here is the sacrifice of the individual to the needs of the corporate structure and its attendant addiction to technology. Is technology our ticket to understanding the underpinnings of the world to come? This is a frightening thought for me. Is too much knowledge dangerous to our sanity? The roots at the base of the crosses symbolize the nourishment that the creative spirit requires even as it surrenders to the corporate entity. Ultimately, that spirit will be regenerated to create anew for Hope still flickers at the bottoms of the pandoric boxes we all possess.
Dimensions: 32 x 24
Price: 1200.00

Gicleé prints on archival paper are available here.