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Gallery: Notes From The London Underground
Frame: unframed
Year: 2011
Media: tradigital (ink drawing, digital color)
Sometimes, watching people in a museum rivals looking at the art, especially at London’s Tate Modern where the in-your-face challenging nature of art on the walls, floor and ceiling offers less fascination than the expressions on the faces of those in its thrall. such was the case when I spotted this man in the long, elegant camelhair coat with a figured silk scarf. Under his wild, greasy curls and drooping mustache, his deadpan demeanor suggested a connoisseur who seemed to be melting into the twombly’d walls nearby as though he wished to appear as a work in progress...but then, aren’t we all?
Dimensions: 14 x 11
Price: 300.00

Connoisseur: A Taste Of The Tate