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Gallery: Mythos
Frame: metal over plexiglas
Year: 1991
Media: pencil and watercolor on archival paper
Sometimes I know exactly when and where an idea comes from, other times, it may take many years before I figure it out. Such is the case with 'The Draughtsman's Dream'. Initially I suspected this idea came from my daily immersion in the tools of mechanical layout and paste-up procedures required for pre-press work before the digital era. While that is partly true, I now know that the inspiration came from my first illustration assignment during my sophomore year at art school in Chicago. I was asked to draw some cartoons for an insect repellent manufacturer by a Chicago cartoonist whose office was located high in the medievally-inspired Chicago-Tribune Tower. The view of Lake Michigan was spectacular, but not quite as impressive as the way the Tower swayed in the high winds coming off the Lake. T-squares and other drafting tools swung on the stone walls and everything slid around the office as though possessed...
Dimensions: 26.5 x 27
Price: 2000.00

Gicleé prints on archival paper are available here.

Draughtsman's Dream